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Rosewood Split Band - Ring

Rosewood Split Band - Ring

Hidden Gem Jewellery Studio has a long tradition of making jewellery with wood. Exotic woods come in rich colours and many textures; but it is the warmth of this organic material that makes it so pleasing.


Our sterling silver bands with wood bands are made to withstand daily wear; even in water. Rosewood wraps around the band. Sterling silver on the inside of the ring as well as both edges; giving the wood material maximum protection. This ring design has a gap that can be worn at the top or back of finger. The split design also is great for fingers that have large knuckles, it can slip over the knuckle easily and fit the finger snuggly with a gentle squeeze on the band.


Width: 1/4 inch


This ring can be custom made in any size. Please look for our Bamboo- Band for a lighter colour wood.

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