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Lavender Pearls -Post Earring

Lavender Pearls -Post Earring

There are many types of pearls. Cultured Fresh water pearls comes in a wide variety of colours and shapes and mainly from Asia.  It is an unique gemstone because it is not a stone at all; it was produce by a living oyster or mussel over many months or years.  All the pearls we use are top grade pearls that are well shaped and full of lustre.  


Our Lavender earrings is inspired from the stems of English lavender that grows in Vancouver.  This pair of earrings is made with sterling silver.  The larger set of leaves have been sandblasted for a matte finish.  The other smaller set is high polished for a glossy contrast.  These pear shape fresh water pearls are mostly lavender in colour with shades of purple and grey.   This earring is a post-style earring; it will cover earring hold when worn.


Lenght of earrings: 1.5 inches

Width of earrings: 0.5 inches

Size of pearl : 8mm

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