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Ammolite Studs - Earrings

Ammolite Studs - Earrings

Ammolite stones are over 71 million years old fossils.  This expremely rare stone is mined only in a small mine in Alberta, Canada.   Each stone used in Hidden Gem Jewellery Studio is a triplet; there is a clear crystal on top of the actual stone to make it strong enough to wear as jewellery.  There is never two ammolite stone same in colour or pattern. We design and make each piece of jewellery around the stone you see.  
Being there is not two stones exactly the same, finding two stones that are similar can be a fun challenge.  In this pair, we used two stones that share the same colours and vibrancy of ammolite.  There are lots of rich blue, greens and reds.  
This pair of earrings are made of high polished sterling silver.  A ribbon is wrapped on one side of each stone for a soft framing appearance around the face.  Stud style earrings with sterling silver posts. 

size of stone: 0.5 inch L x 0.25 W

Please contact directly for a similar pair made just for you.
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